Our Story

August 4, 2007 - Just another hopeless day plagued by depression and despair in the life of Sean Swanson. Reeling from a failed marriage, job loss, drug addiction, and his fourth homeless month, Sean trudged along the river bar in Fortuna. Unable to escape the loneliness, he wondered how his life got to this point, how he could stop this misery…and ultimately….how he would end his life. In what can only be called divine intervention, his suicidal thoughts were suddenly interrupted by cries of help coming from the distance. Looking out toward the river, he noticed a man struggling to stay afloat…a man that was drowning.


Without hesitation, Sean jumped in the river, swam out, and pulled the man to safety.


In the moments following, Sean knew his life would never be the same. From the near end of two human lives, his purpose was discovered: helping and serving others. After recently being hailed and awarded as a hero by the Red Cross and Fortuna Police department, Sean founded the River Life Foundation. His charitable organization reaches out to the Fortuna community bringing hope to hopeless situations. The River Life Foundation has scheduled weekly food delivery to those in need and promises to make a positive difference in Fortuna. Although The River Life Foundation has many future plans, its main purpose is sharing the message….the Good News...God saves lives. Sean (pictured above on the right) is living proof that God has a plan for all of us. It’s never too late to start a new life filled with love, hope, and peace....to walk in virtue and righteousness....a life with Jesus Christ.


Please contact us at: RiverLifeFoundation@gmail.com


Thank you for visiting our website and we hope to hear from you. God Bless